Be The Wave

Wave by Petrea Macdonald

I was in Lake Placid, actually Mirror Lake in Lake Placid. My friends Susan and Evelyn were swimming way out across the deep, dark water like Olympians. I was too scared to swim across sleeping sea monsters, so I was happily standing in the clear water closer to shore watching wave patterns reflected as ribbons of light.
The ribbons moved constantly across the bottom. What really caught my eye was the squares they momentarily formed. We have all seen those interlocking, rounded diamonds, but at one point, as they traveled they became squares with rounded corners then reformed into diamonds.
It got me thinking. So I looked and saw that the pattern was of waves moving to shore and waves bouncing off the shore. As the incoming set met the outgoing set the waves squared up for an instant, then continued on out as the usual rounded diamonds, like millions of infinity symbols connected at their ends. But they weren’t the two-dimensional flat, static, black and white shapes on paper. They were multi-dimensional. Those ribbons of light moved back and forth undulating over the bottom constantly changing shape and size.
It ocurred to me that the motor boats driving across the lake in straight lines and adding waves in addition to the wind, tides and current were not the same. They reached their goal directly and faster. It was a singular action as opposed to a complementary one. The particles of water roll in spirals to make waves; hurrying to the leading point of the wave, then easing off as other particles come to the point until the wave crashes on shore. The water particles bouncing off the shore reform into waves spiraling back out because they are welcomed by spiraling inward waves who draw up those water particles into themselves. Some continue the spiral in, but some join the spiral out. It is complementary and full of social intelligence.


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