Art is a Matter of Opinion

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The artist, like the mystic, sees God. The artist who successfully makes art brings a vision of God to us. It is fun being God because you can take dust, add water and breath to make a human.1 And it’s all good. But is it art?

The word “art” indicates we judge something as ‘better.’ Was the first human better than we, or was there no judgement when “God saw all he had made, and indeed it was very good.”2

Judging art brings to mind, that it is impossible to measure the exact position of a particle at the same time you measure its speed;3 it is also impossible to determine exactly what art is at a particular moment. For instance, a painting that I dislike upon initial viewing may reveal truth, love and beauty over time. My opinion is relative to my position in space, at the time.

I understand the absolutes of truth, beauty, love, God and fun, but my understanding evolves over time. I can only say with certainty that art is a balance of those absolutes, which show me God. I would like to add: it may be art, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

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