About Petrea

Petrea MacdonaldPetrea Jacqueline Macdonald is a vibrational and spiritual healer. She began this work in 1990 with Chakra Balancing. The depth of the work encouraged her to look for a rigorous program in which to develop as a healer. In 1997 she enrolled in the Healing Touch Program developed by Janet Mentgen, RN, BSC.

After becoming a Healing Touch Practitioner, Petrea went on to study Traditional Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki. She received her Teaching Master Certificate in 2013.

Petrea’s education in the humanities, particularly Religious Studies, Art and Philosophy at Notre Dame of Maryland University gives her a unique approach to healing.

It is through our stories, our context, that we find our truth. We are complex beings with layers and layers of meaning. These layers are accessible through vibrational and spiritual healing, which helps identify and release false beliefs that color our perceptions and consequently our choices. This is how we change for good. For our good. For the good of the world.
Through her education at Notre Dame and her study of Vipassana Meditiation practice, Shamanism and Medieval Mysticism Petrea sees our world and our place in it as a matter of choice. Choice that at difficult times must be made with every breath. It is a choice of Love.
We always have support and guidance available to us. This theme runs through every traditional religion, along with our falls from Paradise. It is our daily work; choosing love, choosing love again from a slightly different place. Choosing to rest in the stillness and peace of love. Choosing to act from our divine center of love, when finding our center is not easy. Fortunately we are blessed with a myriad of complementary forms of support and guidance.

Reiki helps us return to our divine center. It clears blocks in the human energy field. It restores a balanced flow of Universal Energy throughout our system. It supports change for good. It supports our desire for happiness and freedom. We are able to make wise and loving choices from a place of balance at the center of our being. Energy therapies support our quest for happiness.

"I know Petrea personally and professionally. She is a gifted healer with a deep understanding of healing. I see her personally and never hesitate to refer to her professionally. You are in good hands with Petrea!"

− Tami S.

"My doctor had told me surgery would resolve the pain in my back. It didn’t. So, I thought, What the heck? I have nothing to lose. Reiki dramatically improved my back and my marriage."

− Louise L.

"Reiki ... although I am not very articulate in defining what it is, I am not at a loss for words when describing how it makes me feel:

peaceful ... lucid ... focused ... centered ... grounded ... energized ... balanced ... and most importantly deeply relaxed.

All of this in a way that I have not experienced through other relaxation methods including massage or meditation groups."

− Patti H.

"While the technique creates those results, just as critical is Petrea's poise and calming presence that allowed me to trust and believe in the process.

Reiki was introduced to me during a time of intense loss and grief. And while I wanted life to stand still I continued to be confronted with changes in my life.

Petrea's authenticity allowed me to surrender and trust the process; Reiki gave me unrestricted access to life's possibilities.

Bottom line - I just know that Reiki and your coaching have been life altering for me.

And while my life now has a new "normal", Reiki continues to be my relaxation and overall well-being method of choice. "

− Patti H.